Retaining Wall Construction

Rainwater Can Erode Your Landscape

Create a barrier by scheduling retaining wall construction in Sandy, OR

When storms roll through Sandy, Oregon, they can cause significant water runoff. Rainwater can run through your landscape and erode the land. Retaining wall construction services can protect your property in Sandy, Oregon. Let Rose City Concrete, LLC handle the process from start to finish. We'll create a custom retaining wall and install it for you.

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Enjoy the benefits of a retaining wall

Retaining wall construction services are beneficial for your property. Whether you own a home or business in the area, a wall can protect your property in a variety of ways.

A retaining wall installation can help...

Reduce erosion.

Divide your landscape.

Prevent flooding.

Increase your property value.

You can choose from brick, stone or concrete walls for a unique, stylish design. Schedule your retaining wall installation today by calling 503-380-7913.